Rework HOLSTER Steyr MOD 12 for the Luger (83).


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This hard shell holster has a long story behind him : it was first a Steyr MOD 1912 holsters transformed by the Germans between 1939 and 1942 for the Luger pistol. After the war, it was again adapted by the Norwegian Army for the use in NATO.

As expected, you can find many old stich holes and restricted areas; a round patch has beenset on the old Steyr flap buttun hole. The combination tool pouch and the spare magazine pouch have been created at the usualplaces. The orifinal belt loops have been replaced by a piece of leather supporting the metallic device for fixing to the U.S. Military belt.

This holster is detailed in the book WW2 German Military Holsters on page 41.