Rework WW1 LUGER HOLSTER for the POLICE (183).


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Hard shell holster designed for a Luger pistol, in good condition.

It is has been initially made in 1918 by an unredable maker. After, many other much interesting markings have been added ; LZA with the Eagle H. STETTIN, serial pistol number (and a regimental marking oblitered) just above. Finally, a captured marking : « Dec 1944 Haganaw Forest« , illustrating a very long story for this rework POLICE HOLSTER.

Closing system is the usual one  (from the bottomto the top) and you find the internal strap + the pouch for the combination tool.

The color is black on front face & dark BROWN on the back.

This holster is pictured in the book WW2 GERMAN Military HOLSTERS on page 61.